Hey everyone, in this week's meeting we talked about Discord, our Twitter, and what each output means to the community and us. We agreed that we need to work on our outreach and engagement and have been ideating ways to improve.

Additionally, we discussed taking a step back to redefine the MLK projects success and direction. We have realised that in coming out strong and selling quickly in our first releases, we have not taken the time to define and align on these essential long-term things.

This week, we are getting together as a team (in real life) to the workshop:

  • Ourselves, how we can improve the way we work so that we can execute more effectively.
  • Milktoast, discovering a deeper why and developing a more concrete plan to execute on our vision. By the end of this session, we'll have a path forward on the project as a whole, enabling us to make faster decisions that have a long-lasting impact.

Some updates from last week:

  • The custom website is going well, and we now can connect wallet addresses and determine the difference between an MLK NFT holder and a non-holder. Shout out to @KryptoJ and @coweatsrhubarb for leading this effort.
  • Our latest giveaway has been kicked off (link: https://twitter.com/milktoastnft/status/1459820360971341824) to great success, people are interacting with the post, and our follower count has tipped over 1,000 followers on Twitter. Thank you all for helping us get here and a big shoutout to @sighman for leading this latest giveaway.
  • Visualising our progress and our future has been placed on hold until we complete our workshop above (watch this space).
  • Our limited edition apparel run has been approved to be produced by our supplier and will be released soon. Big shout out to @Omarion for leading this side quest.

Feel free to ask us any questions on our Discord server.