A unique project aimed to spread happiness and cheer

Milktoast (MLK) is a collaborative project inspired by our kid’s artwork. We convert their drawings into vector pieces that combo colour, faces, emotion and shape—enabling us to create a wide variety of unimaginable Milktoast collectables.

What is Milktoast you might ask?

One of the founding members vividly remembers taking out the milk carton and loaf of bread from the fridge every Saturday morning for his mum, while he eagerly awaited his french toast. Twenty-something years later and now this tradition has been passed on to his kids with a slight twist, draw your favourite thing or character every Saturday morning to receive your french toast. 

This exercise has nurtured a feel-good environment filled with imagination, creativity and laughter. 

The MLK project is an extension of those early childhood memories and we’re excited to share them with the world. We’re transforming our kids’ art (facial expressions and characters) into Milktoast - a milk carton on top of a piece of toast to carry on the original vision and happiness it brought. 

With regular releases, you can start your morning with some feel-good MLK collectables too!

Activities and giveaways


Benefits and exclusives


Unique NFTs

Each MLK NFT pulls from different sources of inspiration, creating a diverse set. Each NFT is minted on the Solana Blockchain enabling proof of ownership.


Community first

We have an avid community helping us critique and inspire future iterations, have your say on Instagram or Twitter and in our Discord community.


Exclusive airdrops and merch

Our limited edition Gen 1 set, has been handpicked by our Art Directors. Become a Gen 1 member and enjoy access to future NFT airdrops and merchandise.


More than just another NFT project

We are here for the marathon, not the sprint, and in turn, we aim to push the boundaries, break into the physical world and do it our way. We are currently in the kitchen prepping our roadmap; in the meantime, here are our next steps:


Drop Milktoast (MLK) Gen 1 - Milktoast enters the Solana blockchain. This technology offers us the most flexibility and opportunity to connect with our community in the NFT space.


Worldbuilding and storytelling - We'll continue developing and building out the Milktoast universe and ways of storytelling with our MLK community.


Milktoast enters the physical world - We are exploring ways of bridging the digital and physical world through our project, digging into apparel, toys and out of the ordinary fine art techniques.


Improve our recipe over time - We plan to upgrade the website, customising the experience whilst offering enhanced wallet integrations, rarity and unique features for NFT holders.


Drop Milktoast (MLK) Gen 2 - We plan to take our designs to the next level by exploring alternate visual styling and detailing techniques.


Shaping the project together - Joining our MLK community enables access to influence the project's direction and gain future airdrop, discounts and merchandise perks.

Our team

Our team is unique, not because of our diverse skillsets, but because our children lead us. We pay close attention to what they like and how they respond, making them our secret weapon, our little Art Director crew.



Art Director
I'm a Product Designer with a passion for Graphic Design. A Father of two, Ava~cardo and Dino~Del, we are on a quest to refine our craft whilst having a blast doing it.

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I enjoy being creative with my craft, making unicorns, princesses and fairies, always adding glitter to make my drawings shine. 



I’m into dinosaurs, toy cars and fishing (in video games). When drawing, my tool of choice is humble chalk. Craft off paper is my jam.



I like spending time playing video games and with my toy Peppa Pig phone. Counting numbers is fun and my favourite movies are Home Alone 1, 2 and 3.



Tech strategist
Web2 Tech lead currently in love with Web3. Father, street dancer and card magician. Random? I know!




Software Engineer
Potato connoisseur, father to a furball and constructor of the 1’s and 0’s.




Marketing Wiz
Father of two, I'm here to generate happiness for you. I love a crisp cold beer when the sun is out, actually, I'll enjoy one anytime, absolutely no doubt!

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Did we make you smile?

MLK is a community focussed project, we want to spread good energy. If our project made you smile, and if the concept excites you, come along to our Discord server and help us shape our project. 

We'll also make sure you are one of the first to hear about our latest drops.


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