January 12, 2022

Meeting notes: 12 January 2022

Hello Mlksters ?? happy 2022 ? it's soo good to be back! 

Today marks the first set of Milktoast meeting notes for 2022.

First off, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all again for rocking with us through Gen 1. We are hard at work building out Gen 2 and cannot wait to come out strong with a brand new generative collection. 

Before getting into the meeting notes, I wanted to take a moment to recap the current Gen 1 holder utility. 

As a Gen 1 holder, you gain access to:

  • A seat at our private Breakfast table.
  • Early access to presales of our future releases and lifestyle products.
  • % off our Limited Edition collections.
  • Surprise airdrops and giveaways

Benefits to our holders will expand as we steadily grow our MLK world.

Let's get into some notes 

Story mode:

  • We are super close to finishing off our custom landing page, which will enable access to all of the Gen 1 utility, past and present. We have a few special items in the pipeline to celebrate; watch this space. 
  • Gen 2 is going swimmingly on the tech side; we have upskilled and have found a little gap in the market that will take our collection to a new level. Plus, our design skills have also seen an upgrade. 

Side quests:

  • We are in the process of adding some more items to the current store, with the goal of adding useful products that we can leverage in our day-to-day. 
  • We see an opportunity to take our store to the next level and are in exploration mode ironing out those details. Our goal is to upgrade and enhance the e-commerce experience for the MLK Fam. 

Engagement and reach:

  • As many of you may know, we love to get creative when conducting giveaways, whether drawing, colouring, or writing a poem. All for the 'Art of Play'. We have been converting MLK Fam art into limited edition MLKs in the background to show our appreciation, and our first few will be gifted to co-creators in Jan. Here is our first one: https://twitter.com/milktoastnft/status/1480854157376430080
  • As a part of Gen 2, we are super excited to dig into the Milktoast lore. We have a new lore activity planned for Jan with a Gen 1 MLK as the prize to kick us off. 

As always, any feedback, questions or ideas, shoot.

December 21, 2021

Meeting notes: 21 December 2021

Happy holidays Mlksters, it's that time of year where we like to wind down and spend time with our families. We'll be taking a short break over the holidays and will be back on deck in early January.

If you need anything we'll still be around, ping the discord and we will get back to you when we can. 

As we come to the end of the year, we have arrived at our last Milktoast meeting notes of 2021. Being the final notes of the year, let’s use the opportunity to reflect on Milktoast. 

But first, a few thank yous. 

MLK Fam, thank you for your support in all things MLK; we’ve loved your creative participation, the energy you all bring and the direct questions/feedback. Thank you for believing in us over the past six months, it's been a wild ride, and we genuinely feel like we are only just beginning.

I (luke) wanted to add a quick thank you to the MLK Crew; thank you for bringing the Milktoast vision to life. Without you all, Milktoast would not have made it this far. A special shoutout to @coweatsrhubarb; this project would not exist without him; he was the spark. Thank you also to our kids, they are the heartbeat of Milktoast and finding a way to merge creativity and play has been a massive milestone.

The look back, the first 6 months of Milktoast

Just over six months ago, the MLK Crew came together with a common interest in web3. Milktoast sparked and we created a proof of concept, selected the Solana Blockchain to be our home and delivered 222 Gen 1 MLK Collectables. In addition, we also released 24 Limited Edition MLK Collectables.

Here are a few noteworthy things we achieved in 2021:

  • We formed a solid multi-disciplinary team and have built a unique culture.
  • We made new friends and started the MLK Fam.
  • MLK styles were refined into the 222 Gen 1 collectables that we know and love today—selling 2 out of 3 MLK Gen 1 releases out in record timing.
  • The MLK Crew wanted to give back this year, so we conducted a Christmas charity campaign and an MLK Fam activity, raising 10.3 SOL for Berry Street.
  • The team showed MLK holder utility through a Halloween Special raffle and the Christmas gift airdrop
  • MLK expanded to the physical world, releasing the MLK Mug + collaborated with a local fashion label to create some limited apparel (to be released in Jan). 
  • We created and expanded the MLK world. An imaginative place aimed to spark creativity and build lore.
  • In collaboration with our kids, we developed three volumes of children's learning and activity books to help spark creativity between parents and their children. 
  • The team created a sales bot to help support the Solana NFT community and bring visibility to projects when their collectables are sold.
  • We collaborated with our MLK holders and ran a series of workshops on the future of Milktoast.

We can't wait to return well-rested, ready to bring our vision to life. Have a fantastic break everyone, remember to take some time away from the screen and have some fun. 

Merry Christmas.

December 14, 2021

MLK Holder Workshop notes

Hello all Mlksters! As you all may have seen, we are in vision and idea mode at Milktoast, immersing ourselves in the NFT community and banking exciting plays to try. We've been hustling non-stop through MLK Gen 1 and wanted to take a moment to pause and connect with our MLK holders through an ideation workshop. 

The aim was to get to know you all a little deeper and dedicate some time to workshop fun. We brainstormed ideas around bridging the gap between Gen 1 and Gen 2 and did an ideate session into the future of Milktoast. The workshop broke into two parts, what excites you about Milktoast, and where do you see Milktoast in the future?

What excites you about Milktoast?

We learnt that people resonate with our kid Art Directors; and that that part of the story evokes a connection between the simplistic art and the creation of MLK art. We also heard it put amazingly; in working with our kids we are immortalising their work, powerful stuff. 

The MLK world map was also brought up a bunch of times, with people noting the vivid colours and the imagination the world opens, the possibilities it presents as we build out the world and the lore. More to come in this space as we expand the world and dig into the depths of the lore.

People like the way we communicate, our friendly nature and our bubbling verticals of possibility. People can see that Milktoast is well thought out and not a cash grab. It was nice to hear this played back to us and helped reinforce that our detailed approach is appreciated. 

We found that people like that we do things in our own way and that we are semi counter culture and are not affected by the hype. We heard notes of positive feelings towards our team being genuine and that we should embrace our brand-building and content creation abilities. 

Where do you see Milktoast in the future?

A significant topic arose because we are an entry-level project aiming to become a large brand; we uncovered that we have an opportunity to attract other newcomers to the NFT space and collaborate to succeed as a larger unit. Music to our ears as collaboration is the backbone of our ways of working. We discussed starting a network effect, reaching out to our already large design and tech communities and slowly converting them into web3 and the NFT space through Milktoast. Helping others form a following and all grow together. 

We discussed the MLK lore, the notion of creating educational content for kids like "Mr Men Books", and possibly spending time creating stories with the community as a part of our ongoing activities. We are super excited about this prospect and see Milktoast being able to hit two markets simultaneously, parents and kids. 

Heading into Gen 2, we had a great discussion around the MLK world and how that might tie an ingredient or crafting mechanic, further spreading the happiness and cheer ethos whilst creating a mechanic that rewards engagement and trading. Early thoughts, but we are super pumped to build these ideas into strategies. 

To conclude, thank you all again for participating in this series of workshops; one thing we discovered was just how much we are loved by the community and how much people appreciate having facetime with us. So we'll set up regular cadences to get together and bounce ideas as an MLK group. More on this space to come.

December 13, 2021

Meeting notes: 13 December 2021

Hey again, we’ve had so many announcements this week; I will keep this one short and sweet. This week, we discussed the workshop notes and started lightly planning into the new year. Most of the time was spent ironing out the details for the current Christmas draw a sweater activity and the upcoming MLK holder Airdrop and Charity Auction. 

In addition to the above, we released a few things this week, will re-cap them here: 

  1. We ran our MLK Holder workshop to great success; you can see the notes here.
  2. We launched our first dabble into merch and apparel this week with the MLK store in full effect.
  3. As mentioned above, we launched a draw a Christmas sweater competition this week with a grand prize of Tally-ho Milktoast + if we receive 25+ entries, we will donate 5SOL to our friends at Berry Street. More info:
  4. December marks the Christmas season, and we are feeling festive, so we are conducting an auction for charity, auctioning off the super rare Santa ‘Downunder’ Milktoast with all proceeds going to our friends at Berry street:
  5. In addition, we want to say a big thank you to our MLK holders and roll out a Christmas gift for you all in the form of an airdrop; more info can be seen in the link above (point 4)

We are proud to support and be supported by Berry Street, a not-for-profit that believes that children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful. Our kids are huge inspirations for Milktoast, so this seems like a perfect fit for this Christmas. You can see more information on Berry Street here.

If you have any feedback, questions or additions, please feel free to jump in

December 8, 2021

Meeting notes: 8 December 2021

Hello Mlksters, we have a busy week ahead of us at Milktoast. Let's get into the weekly notes.  

Story mode

  • The new landing page (aimed to highlight Gen 1 and holder utility) is moving along well, the design is complete, and we are in the build phase. If you'd like a sneak peek, take a look here
  • We have a technical diagram showing how we see the back end connecting and how login via wallet will work (see attached image)
  • This week we ran our MLK holder workshops to great success, they were small and intimate, and we gained so many fantastic ideas that we can add into the mix as we move forward into 2022.


  • We have our Milktoast store ready to go live by the end of this week, with our unique MLK mugs available for purchase. 
  • We are meeting with our T-Shirt provider this week to form the story and strengthen the collaboration. 
  • Last week our first artist collaboration kicked off; if you are an artist and would like to collaborate with Milktoast, please feel free to DM me, and we can start to chat. 

Engagement and Reach 

  • Our Christmas campaign is in full swing, ready to launch next week. We have our charity selected, art ready, and putting the final touches on this week. 
  • Additionally, we have another community activity starting soon; also, we are very excited; more information to come.

If you have any feedback, questions or additions, please feel free to jump in.

November 30, 2021

MLK Holder Workshop

Hello all MLK holders! As you all may have seen, we are in vision and idea mode immersing ourselves in the NFT community and banking exciting plays to try. 

We've been hustling non-stop through MLK Gen 1 and want to take a moment to pause and invite you all to an intimate ideation workshop. 

We aim to get to know you all a little deeper and dedicate some time to workshop fun. We'll be brainstorming ideas bridging the gap between Gen 1 and Gen 2 and ideating into the future of Milktoast.

As a thank you for your time, all attendees will gain access to a free MLK mug. The first of many physical products that we are exploring. 

Here are the workshop details: 

We will run this workshop twice to be inclusive of time zones.

Requirement of entry to the workshop and access to a free mug:

Date and time:

We understand that is a significant time commitment; please feel free to pop in and drop off as needed. Staying the whole workshop is not required to gain access to a free MLK mug.

Session 1 - 90mins 

Session 2 - 90mins


  • Discord hangout via the Milktoast Discord server
    • The hangout will be located within our server's `~~MLK holders~~` category. 
    • Discord video call: ?_mlk_holder_hangout


  • We will collaborate through a FIGJAM space; access to the space will be granted upon workshop start. 


  • General chatter
  • Ice-breaker (make your own MLK)
  • Intro to the session and the activity
  • Brainstorm with digital stickie notes
  • Group into themes
  • Discuss as a group

Our mug thank you gift:

Can't wait to see you all there.

November 29, 2021

Meeting notes: 29 November 2021

Hello Mlksters, it’s time for a fresh set of meeting notes. This week we bunkered down and got our Trello board (workflow space) in order. We set goals for the month of December and planned work across the weeks. 

Here are our high-level December goals:

Story mode

  • Custom landing page, we are creating a custom landing page to enable MLK Holders to connect and access MLK utility. We are currently in the build and design phase, but will have some prototypes to share soon for feedback. 
  • Gen 1 MLK Auction, is currently in planning mode, we aim to experiment with some rapid auctions in Jan to gain momentum and additional reach, more eyes on MLK. 
  • Gen 2 ideation and exploration, there are a heap of fun things that we are currently exploring, for example, what happens if the toast stands up? We see an opportunity to expand our thinking before choosing a lane and collaborating with our MLK holders. We have a workshop running next week; if you are keen to come along, you can see more details in our posts on either #_☕️_breakfast_table or #?_announcements. We’d love to see you there.
    PS: All attendees gain access to a free MLK mug. 


  • We have the MLK mug (available in 3 designs) dropping this month.
  • The MLK T-shirt collab is in production and will drop early Jan.
  • We are in discussions with some incredible artists and have some collabs in flight.

Engagement and Reach

  • We are detailing the MLK vision into an article format to enable us to have a long-form source of truth, an in-depth piece that gives a little more context to our plans and where we want the brand to be. 
  • You may have seen on twitter (I posted some sneak peaks) that we are creating some Christmas MLK surprises, will keep it on the low, but we will drop later this month. If you are keen to help us spread the word, let us know. 
  • We’ve been working with artists who have submitted to our drawing competitions to create something unique; we will expand on this space as we iron out the kinks. 
  • Our haiku activity ended this week and was a massive success, big shoutout to everyone who participated. We felt all of the poems and loved the experience. We will have an additional activity run this month, more on this space to come.  

As always, if you have any questions or ideas to add, please feel free to come along to our Discord Server

November 24, 2021

Meeting notes: 24 November 2021

Good morning everyone, another week of meeting notes. Last week was massive for the team; we finally could all get together in real life for the first time since we launched, believe it or not, to workshop our longer-term vision. It was great to hang out as a team, form deeper connections and align on where we are looking to go into the future.

Within this session, we broke it down into two parts, looking inward at ourselves discussing what we all want and outward as a brand, discussing where we want to be in the long-term.

Here are the primary points we discussed:

  • We discussed the MLK why, what it means to spread happiness and cheer, the short answer; It's cool to be kind, and our objective is to Spread positivity to the world through art and play.
  • There was a session about our audience, who we are focussing on with our brand and how we can begin to convert people who are new to NFTs and Crypto (more to come in this space).
  • Reach was a big topic that we discussed. We know we have solid followership and product; we need more people to see it and interact with us to help us succeed.
  • Finally, we spent time digging into the differences between Story mode and Sidequests, the basic summary as follows;
  • Story mode represents the mainline story, in our case, the Milktoast collectables as an NFT offering, the evolution and refinement as we progress through the MLK Generations.
  • Sidequests represent our interests, the ideas or opportunities that will add more value to the overall brand. In our case, branching Milktoast into apparel, collaborating with other projects and creating educational resources would be considered a sidequest.

As part of our weekly WIP meeting this week, we plotted our ideas onto a timeline and began to break down the task into incremental pieces that we can take action on over time.

We have three clear priorities:

  • Story mode: Selling out Gen 1 through our new landing page and rapid auctions.
  • Sidequests: We want to break out of the PFP space and turn MLK into a lifestyle brand with our first few collaborations in motion.
  • Engagement and reach: This will be a continuous initiative that we take action over time. To begin with, we are planning a few ongoing Twitter and Discord pieces aimed to increase visibility in the project and engagement.

Next steps, we are formalising the above and creating a long-form write up of the MLK vision to help us communicate what's in our minds with you all.

If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to jump in.

November 15, 2021

Meeting notes: 15 November 2021

Hey everyone, in this week's meeting we talked about Discord, our Twitter, and what each output means to the community and us. We agreed that we need to work on our outreach and engagement and have been ideating ways to improve.

Additionally, we discussed taking a step back to redefine the MLK projects success and direction. We have realised that in coming out strong and selling quickly in our first releases, we have not taken the time to define and align on these essential long-term things.

This week, we are getting together as a team (in real life) to the workshop:

  • Ourselves, how we can improve the way we work so that we can execute more effectively.
  • Milktoast, discovering a deeper why and developing a more concrete plan to execute on our vision. By the end of this session, we'll have a path forward on the project as a whole, enabling us to make faster decisions that have a long-lasting impact.

Some updates from last week:

  • The custom website is going well, and we now can connect wallet addresses and determine the difference between an MLK NFT holder and a non-holder. Shout out to @KryptoJ and @coweatsrhubarb for leading this effort.
  • Our latest giveaway has been kicked off (link: https://twitter.com/milktoastnft/status/1459820360971341824) to great success, people are interacting with the post, and our follower count has tipped over 1,000 followers on Twitter. Thank you all for helping us get here and a big shoutout to @sighman for leading this latest giveaway.
  • Visualising our progress and our future has been placed on hold until we complete our workshop above (watch this space).
  • Our limited edition apparel run has been approved to be produced by our supplier and will be released soon. Big shout out to @Omarion for leading this side quest.

Feel free to ask us any questions on our Discord server.

November 8, 2021

Meeting notes: 8 November 2021

A new ongoing space to share our progress as the MLK crew meet and plan. A little context before we get into the notes, the team collaborates daily, moving ideas forward and advancing the Milktoast brand. We meet weekly to reflect and plan and will share our notes to keep you all in the loop moving forward.

Roles (please feel free to direct any specific questions to the following):

  • Ava~cardo, Dino~Del and Skateboard=Park: Art Director kids ( @Lukexdod can proxy any questions)
  • Lukexdod: Design
  • KryptoJ: Tech
  • coweatsrhubarb: Tech
  • sighman: Marketing
  • Omarion: Brand

As we enter this week, we have the latest release (3) on our minds. To date, thank you all for adding your feedback to the channels; we appreciate your honesty and are taking it into account as we progress. We acknowledge the high price of our latest release, but we still believe we can deliver the Milktoast brand's value and future. We want to prove to the world that 4 SOL is just the beginning and break into the lifestyle market. Moving forward, we will take our learnings and improve our strategy.

Here are the primary things we planned this week:

  • We are creating a custom space to house our first generation in its entirety, highlighting the MLK story, improving the buying UX (user experience) and showing our technical abilities in the process.
  • We have an additional giveaway in the works to grow our reach and following, experimenting with a few different parameters that we have not explored to date.
  • We are working on a visual way to communicate our vision, what we have been working on and where we want to go next.
  • We also have our first apparel collab in the works, being produced as a limited release.

Feel free to ask us any questions on our Discord server.

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