MLK World-building

Attention! Our looney MLK collectables have escaped from the kitchen, on a mission to spread and spill some feel-good vibrations to your morning routine. Flying the coop sounds fun, but where have they landed? ??

Our little Art Directors, the kids, suggested that we give the MLK collectables a home, a space where we can see them in their own habitat, the Milktoast World. We started sketching some concepts together with our MLK community, playing with ideas and discussing the world.

Within that moment, we realised that the Milktoast World is more than a pretty visual. It's a conversation starter that helps spark our imagination, creativity and thought process about the world-building element of Milktoast.

We want to share with you the beginning of this world, an iterative place that will evolve and change with our story, a fancy way of expressing a living document that we are designing and adding to in real-time.

As this is a work in progress, we invite you to give us feedback and be part of our story as we design it with you. Alternatively, if you’d like to relax, sit back with a glass of milk and watch this space evolve, jump into the Figma file.❤️?


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Did we make you smile?

MLK is a community focussed project, we want to spread good energy. If our project made you smile, and if the concept excites you, come along to our Discord server and help us shape our project. 

We'll also make sure you are one of the first to hear about our latest drops.


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