MLK Stories: Giveaway

Hey everyone, happy 2022!

Welcome to another Community Activity. We’re excited to be giving away one of the 222 Gen 1 Milktoast NFTs for this activity, Buppity Milktoast!

The activity In order to qualify for Buppity Milktoast we’d love for you to write a short story about Buppity. And you may submit as many stories as you like We’ve been itching to build out the lore of Milktoast and their world. The story could be about their life, it could incorporate any of their traits (check out the Magic Eden link to view their traits), or anything else that you can think of.

Feel free to use the following format as a starting point, you are not required to use it but it may help spark some ideas on how to structure your story.


Once upon a time, there was Buppity Milktoast.
Every day, _____.
One day _____.
Because of that, ______.
Until finally ______.


S U B M I S S I O N S  C L O S E D

How will the winner be chosen?

We’ll ask the community on Discord and Twitter to vote on their favourite story and the top 5 voted stories will be put through the trusty spin wheel and be randomly selected.

Good luck and have fun! We can’t wait to hear your stories.

Buppity story entires

We received so many great stories of what the life of Buppity Milktoast could be. In addition to the Milktoast world we envision, we’re excited to continue building out the lore and story of the cute Milktoasts. We see simple and colourful children's books in the near future.

Here is a list of our wonderful Buppity lore entries.

Entry 1

Once upon a time, there was Buppity Milktoast, a cheeky and sincere Milktoast. Every day, Buppity would jump out of bed excited to spend time at the park and in the sun. One day the skies went dark and it rained for hours and hours. Because of that, Buppity invited his best friends to his house to play cards. Until finally it stopped raining and Buppity and his friends were able to go out to the park again.

by Coweatsrhubarb

Entry 2

Once upon a time, there was Buppity Milktoast. Buppity would spend the morning at the beach every day but would never touch the water as he was too scared. One day he plucked the courage to get in and have a dip; right at that moment, the waves crashed, BOOM, and gave him a spook. Because of that, he asked his best friend Mogi Milktoast to teach him to swim. They practised and practised in the little lake until it was late.
The following day, Buppity Milktoast arrived at the beach and finally took a long dip, playing and swimming in the sun.

by Lukexdod


Buppity Milktoast awoke one day to a terrible sound coming from the market square. 'ROAR! GRR!' His little heart raced with nervousness...excitement? He hadn't heard this noise before and knew he wanted to find out what was causing it. Then he heard some screams and his excitement died down a the nerves were really racing. His heart was all aflutter. He left his house slowly, keeping an ear out in case the noise grew louder, but instead, it grew quieter. He rushed to the square and saw the devastation to the market stalls. Bottles broken, baskets of fruit and vegetables were in tatters, a little girl was sobbing and her mother was consoling her. He saw a flash of blue and recognised his best friend Mogi Milktoast was trying his best to pick up some of the untarnished fruit and veg from his shop. 'Good heavens...' he sighed under his breath. 'Ah, Buppity! Thank goodness you're here, do you mind helping me with this?' He nodded towards his various wares on the floor. 'Of course!', replied Buppity, instantly helping out his best friend and making sure he handled the product with care. Once the good produce had been saved, Buppity asked. 'What happened here Mogi? I was awoken by a loud roar and came as fast as I could!' 'Well Buppity, I hate to say it, but we were attacked by a Blavkin!' Buppity could not believe it and drew in a short sharp breath! 'A BLAVKIN?!' He shouted, not realising the volume in his voice. A few others in the square shushed him to be quiet. 'Do not say its name Buppity!' they cried. 'Sorry,' Buppity whispered and gave his friend Mogi a look like he did something wrong. 'Take no notice of them', Mogi replied. 'I wonder why this one came down from the mountains? Perhaps we can go and investigate?' Buppity felt sick when his friend suggested this, but he wanted to see a Blavkin. He had heard stories of them as a young Milktoast but had always wanted to see one, to see if the stories were true.
'I don't know about that Mogi. Won't we get in trouble if we go looking for it? Look at what it did to the market.' Buppity looked around at the devastation though most of it had been tidied up now. 'Oh, cmon Buppity! It'll be fun, I'm sure it hasn't reached the mountains yet, it's probably resting somewhere in the forest after that outburst.' Mogi replied confidently. Buppity tried to calm his nerves, he was shaking. Mogi came up to him and comforted him. 'Let's go quickly before anyone notices, I'm sure there is going to be a town meeting soon to discuss what to do next.' Mogi said. Mogi made two quick lunches for them both, a sandwich, some orange juice and some dried fruits. Buppity swallowed hard and followed his friend out of town. They followed the footprints in the dirt and came to the Fairy Forest. The forest canopy darkened the ground and the two couldn't see the trail properly. 'There are two trails Buppity, what way do you want to take?' Mogi asked. 'What?! Split up?! Are you sure Mogi? It seems awfully dangerous,' replied Buppity nervously. 'It'll be alright friend,' said Mogi. 'But I'm scared Mogi...' Buppity said back sheepishly. 'You're braver than you think you are Buppity, look at this morning, for example, you rushed straight to the market not knowing what caused the sound,' Mogi said, trying to make his companion more confident, 'he was always humble' he thought. Buppity nodded at his friend when he said that. 'Yes, I was,' he thought. 'Ok, I'll take the left path and you take the right,' he said confidently. 'If you need help just shout out and I'll come to find you.' 'You too', Buppity said with a smile.
So the two split up and went searching for the Blavkin in the forest. Once his friend was out of sight the reality of where he was and what he was doing was sinking in. 'Oh no, what have I done?!' Buppity said to himself under his breath. he took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down and continue on his path. He walked for a little while longer when he suddenly heard a deep slow breath out just over a little ridge. He froze. He could feel his heart beating in his chest. He was tempted to scream for his friend but he felt a lump in his throat. Curiosity took over and he slowly approached the ridge, trying his best to be quiet and not break any sticks. He peeped over the ridge and saw it...the Blavkin! It was asleep against a tree, the remains of some food scattered around him. It was a long creature, covered in fur. A pair of long arms with 5 fingered hands at the ends of them. Two long legs with hairy feet. A face that looked like a lemur with two large ears on the top of its head. Suddenly a loud belly growl escaped the Blavkin and echoed throughout the forest. He was hungry. That's why he attacked the market, poor thing. Buppity thought. He stayed frozen at the top of the ridge and watched the creature. Time seemed to go by super quick but at the same time each minute dragged on. 'What to do, what to do?,' he thought to himself. He wanted to run away and never think about it again. But he didn't want to leave the creature there when it was obviously starving. Buppity pulled out the lunch pack that Mogi had made for him. He looked at the sandwich and dried fruit and calmed his nerves. He slowly descended the ridge and cautiously approached the Blavkin, trying not to wake it. He placed the food on the ground and was proud of himself for not making any noise.
Suddenly he heard a twig snap and Mogi humming loudly to himself. Buppity was instantly filled with a sense of dread as he heard the creatures breathing turn more shallow. He slowly looked up, eyes wide, sweat beading on his forehead...whole body shaking... Mogi strode to the top of the ridge and froze. The expression on his face was the same as his friends..eyes wide... The creature's eyes snapped open and took a second to focus on the scene in front of him. Its eyes snapped to the small Milktoast in front of itself. Teeth barred and snarl building... Buppity was still bowed down in front of the Blavkin, and his body became to move backwards on its own. He didn't look up to meet the creature's gaze but hoped that by seeing the food it would distract it long enough that he can get away. The Blavkin slowly stood up, towering over the shaking Milktoast. As Buppity slowly withdrew from his position he exposed the food to the Blavkin and the creature gaze shifted to the morsels offered to it. Buppity kept withdrawing until he bumped into something and fell over. Buppity heard the Blavkin make a sound when he fell, he shut his eyes and thought it was all over. He opened his eyes and saw his best friend looking down at him shocked, but smirking. Mogi helped Buppity get up. They both looked back at the creature and it was eating the food that was presented to it. Its demeanour had changed and when it looked at the two its eyes were not savage-looking as they had been before, but they seemed more gentle. 'What did you do Buppity?' Mogi asked. 'I gave him my lunch, he sounded hungry... I thought that might be why he had attacked the market. Look at the scraps around it.' Buppity said to his friend nervously. 'Well it seems you've made another friend,' Mogi said as he nodded towards the creature.
The Blavkin had slowly approached the pair and went down on all fours in front of Buppity and offered the top of its head to him. Buppity looked at Mogi with a face that seemed to ask, 'What do I do?' Mogi just gave a confused expression back and whispered 'Scratch him?' Buppity tentatively reached out and scratched the creatures head. The creature relaxed and pushed into the scratch, moving its head left and right to make sure the right places were scratched. 'It is so soft Mogi, you need to feel this,' Buppity said encouragingly to his friend. Mogi reached out and started to scratch the Blavkins head too. It began to purr with delight. The creature curled up at the base of the ridge and started to clean itself. Buppity wondered what to do now...its obvious that the creature was hungry but he might come back and attack the market for food again... 'Mogi...' he said, 'Do you reckon the others would donate food for the Blavkin?' 'Hmm...maybe but it will be hard to convince them. Maybe if we can show them how calm this one is now it might work in our favour...' 'Yeah you're right, only one way to find out...' Buppity got up and both the Blavkin and his best friend followed suit. He started to walk home and they both followed him. He was nervous to bring back the creature to the town, but he knew he could convince the others, but he also knew it would be for the best. To be continued?

by MKHito

Entry 4

Buppity stared at her expiry date, she knew she had to choose.
‘If not now, when?’ she thought, she had too much to lose “There’s still some time”said Mogi toast, but he did not understand.
For he had no expiry date, his life was long and grand.

Courage plucked, she took a jump, and dipped straight into glue.
Her bottoms coated, she slightly winced, but knew what she’d to do.
A jump, a whoosh, a leap of faith, she landed on dough beneath.
Her expiry date was now covered up, she felt goosebumps from relief.

You see, some milks were unlucky, some came beyond the meta.
Something about cows they said, so here they hope for better.
But the risk they take is heavy, they’re running against the clock
To find a willing forever toast, to be captured on Solana’s block

by Ange

Entry 5

Once upon a time, there was Buppity Milktoast. Every day, Buppity wants to spend time with Mogi Milktoast. One day, they went on the Milkshake Ferris wheel and saw the most beautiful sunset in the Milktoast world! Because of that, Buppity was fill with happiness and joy. Their eyes sparkled with love hearts but Buppity knew it wasn’t just because how pretty the sunset was. 
It was because Mogi was there to share the moment with Buppity.
 The end.

by KryptoJ

Entry 6

Every day Buppity would wake up and begin his day with a quick breakfast and a walk to work. One day, during his walk to work he stumbled upon a paintbrush. It was easy to spot because it was the only colorful thing in his black and white world. He picked it up, put it in his pocket, and carried on to work.

After his day at work had finished he made his way home and inspected the paintbrush. Other than being colorful, it had only one word written on it "door." Buppity being ever so curious wondered what it could mean. He didn't think too much of it and wrote the word "door" on a piece of paper. It was decorative, colorful, and pretty but not much beyond that.

Now every day Buppity would wake up, have breakfast, use the paintbrush to leave a cheerful anonymous note on a neighbors door during his walk to work. Until one day, a neighbor approached him asking about the notes. The neighbor was curious about what kind of tool could make something so vivid in their world. The neighbor continued, "imagine the art that could be made with such a tool." Buppity's brain felt like a switch had been suddenly flipped, he ran home as fast as he could.

Once he got home, he grabbed his colorful paintbrush and began to draw a door on his wall. It was the most colorful thing he'd ever seen. After he finished drawing, it quickly sprang to life. Buppity now only had one thing left to do--open it. He opened the door and stepped through into the colorful world of Milk Toast where everyone had their own paintbrush and created all kinds of beautiful art. Buppity finally felt like he was home.

by Brandon

Entry 7

Once upon a time there was Buppity Milktoast. Every day he wiped his eyes. He did this because of magic dust. One day his uncle Ben gave him chinkyboo which made his eyes feel better. Because of the this the love hearts went away from his eyes. Until finally he used love heart poison to bring the them back to Buppity Milktoast's eyes. Then he put toilet paper on his eyes to stop the magic dust from getting to him. Buppity Milktoast is happy!

by Skateboard≈Parks

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