Help us give back by decorating an

MLK Christmas sweater

Now that we’re in December and Christmas is not that far, this month’s Community Activity will be Christmas themed!


5SOL for the kids of Berry Street

25+ Sweater entries ?

Colour me to win an MLK

We want to support a beautiful charity that’s based in Melbourne, Australia called Berry Street. They believe that children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful. Our kids are huge inspirations for Milktoast and so this seems like a perfect fit for this Christmas.

Your sweater will be going towards a good cause.

  • If we receive at least 25 entries we'll be donating 5 SOL to Berry Street
  • Additionally, your submission may inspire our future line of MLK apparel and merch.


By participating you will go into the running to win a Gen 1 Milktoast NFT, Tally-ho the Achiever!

One of only 222 Gen 1 Milktoast NFTs.

Activity details

  • Design a Christmas sweater, whatever your creativity desires (we have templates that you can use as a starting point, but aren’t required to be used)
  • Digital and hand drawn entries will be accepted
  • You can submit as many as you like
  • Jump into our discord and submit your entries in #?_mlk_activities
  • The winner will win a Gen 1 Milktoast NFT, Tally-ho the Achiever
  • Entries for the activity will end on the 17th of Dec AEDT at 9PM (UTC+11)

Christmas specials

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