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Celebrate Christmas with Milktoast

To continue on with our mission of spreading cheer and happiness, the MLK team has decided to do something a little special this Christmas.

1. We’ll be hosting an auction for an ultra-rare Christmas NFT with 100% of the proceedings to be donated to our friends at Berry Street.

2. Our holders will be airdropped a unique Christmas NFT to add to their MLK collectables.

Details of both releases are below.


Why an auction

In a recent conversation, Ava-cardo asked Dad (Luke),
“What happens when naughty kids get coal from Santa?” 

Luke replied:
“No one gets coal, no one deserves to cry on Christmas”

That conversation was brought to the team and with that sentiment, it was a no brainer, we had to find a way to give back.   

So we’ve partnered with Berry Street for a one-off auction. Berry Street has been providing non-for-profit services to children, young people and families in need for over 140 years and matches our ethos of making the world a happier place for everyone.

The gift of giving

1. Christmas Auction

Santa ‘Downunder’ Milktoast
Edition: 1/1

Doing it for the kids

We’ll be hosting an auction for an ultra-rare Christmas NFT with 100% of the proceedings to be donated to our friends at Berry Street.


  • Auction start: UTC Saturday 18th December at 9:00pm

  • Auction end: UTC Sunday 19th December at 9:00pm

  • Where: The auction will be hosted on Holaplex.

  • Starting bid: 0.05 SOL

  • Bid increments: 0.1 SOL

  • Auction gap time: 3 minutes

MLK Holder

2. Christmas airdrop

Blitzen Milktoast
Edition: 1/18
Wreath Milktoast
Edition: 1/4
Dancer Milktoast
Edition: 1/44
Elf Milktoast
Edition: 1/6
Carols Milktoast
Edition: 1/7
Vixen Milktoast
Edition: 1/8
Present Milktoast
Edition: 1/18
Prancer Milktoast
Edition: 1/12
Rudolph Milktoast
Edition: 1/10
Donner Milktoast
Edition: 1/16
Cupid Milktoast
Edition: 1/28
Comet Milktoast
Edition: 1/20
Dasher Milktoast
Edition: 1/22
Tinsel Milktoast
Edition: 1/8

Airdrop gift collectables

To round off the year, we will be airdropping a Christmas themed Milktoast NFT to each of our Gen 1 holders as a thank you for being part of our family.

The Christmas we've created a special collection that marks the first Christmas spent with the MLK fam. There are 14 different Milktoasts in the collection. Each with its own limited supply. We hope you like them!

How to claim your gift

  • To receive a Christmas MLK, simply hold a Gen 1 MLK collectable.
  • We will take a snapshot on the 17th of December (if you have your MLK listed on secondary markets de-list on the 17th to qualify).
  • You will receive 1 Christmas MLK for each Gen 1 MLK collectable that you hold.

It's not too late...

To receive a Christmas MLK, pick up a Gen 1 MLK on Magic Eden before the 17th of December.


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Did we make you smile?

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