Hello all Mlksters! As you all may have seen, we are in vision and idea mode at Milktoast, immersing ourselves in the NFT community and banking exciting plays to try. We've been hustling non-stop through MLK Gen 1 and wanted to take a moment to pause and connect with our MLK holders through an ideation workshop. 

The aim was to get to know you all a little deeper and dedicate some time to workshop fun. We brainstormed ideas around bridging the gap between Gen 1 and Gen 2 and did an ideate session into the future of Milktoast. The workshop broke into two parts, what excites you about Milktoast, and where do you see Milktoast in the future?

What excites you about Milktoast?

We learnt that people resonate with our kid Art Directors; and that that part of the story evokes a connection between the simplistic art and the creation of MLK art. We also heard it put amazingly; in working with our kids we are immortalising their work, powerful stuff. 

The MLK world map was also brought up a bunch of times, with people noting the vivid colours and the imagination the world opens, the possibilities it presents as we build out the world and the lore. More to come in this space as we expand the world and dig into the depths of the lore.

People like the way we communicate, our friendly nature and our bubbling verticals of possibility. People can see that Milktoast is well thought out and not a cash grab. It was nice to hear this played back to us and helped reinforce that our detailed approach is appreciated. 

We found that people like that we do things in our own way and that we are semi counter culture and are not affected by the hype. We heard notes of positive feelings towards our team being genuine and that we should embrace our brand-building and content creation abilities. 

Where do you see Milktoast in the future?

A significant topic arose because we are an entry-level project aiming to become a large brand; we uncovered that we have an opportunity to attract other newcomers to the NFT space and collaborate to succeed as a larger unit. Music to our ears as collaboration is the backbone of our ways of working. We discussed starting a network effect, reaching out to our already large design and tech communities and slowly converting them into web3 and the NFT space through Milktoast. Helping others form a following and all grow together. 

We discussed the MLK lore, the notion of creating educational content for kids like "Mr Men Books", and possibly spending time creating stories with the community as a part of our ongoing activities. We are super excited about this prospect and see Milktoast being able to hit two markets simultaneously, parents and kids. 

Heading into Gen 2, we had a great discussion around the MLK world and how that might tie an ingredient or crafting mechanic, further spreading the happiness and cheer ethos whilst creating a mechanic that rewards engagement and trading. Early thoughts, but we are super pumped to build these ideas into strategies. 

To conclude, thank you all again for participating in this series of workshops; one thing we discovered was just how much we are loved by the community and how much people appreciate having facetime with us. So we'll set up regular cadences to get together and bounce ideas as an MLK group. More on this space to come.