Hello all MLK holders! As you all may have seen, we are in vision and idea mode immersing ourselves in the NFT community and banking exciting plays to try. 

We've been hustling non-stop through MLK Gen 1 and want to take a moment to pause and invite you all to an intimate ideation workshop. 

We aim to get to know you all a little deeper and dedicate some time to workshop fun. We'll be brainstorming ideas bridging the gap between Gen 1 and Gen 2 and ideating into the future of Milktoast.

As a thank you for your time, all attendees will gain access to a free MLK mug. The first of many physical products that we are exploring. 

Here are the workshop details: 

We will run this workshop twice to be inclusive of time zones.

Requirement of entry to the workshop and access to a free mug:

Date and time:

We understand that is a significant time commitment; please feel free to pop in and drop off as needed. Staying the whole workshop is not required to gain access to a free MLK mug.

Session 1 - 90mins 

Session 2 - 90mins


  • Discord hangout via the Milktoast Discord server
    • The hangout will be located within our server's `~~MLK holders~~` category. 
    • Discord video call: ?_mlk_holder_hangout


  • We will collaborate through a FIGJAM space; access to the space will be granted upon workshop start. 


  • General chatter
  • Ice-breaker (make your own MLK)
  • Intro to the session and the activity
  • Brainstorm with digital stickie notes
  • Group into themes
  • Discuss as a group

Our mug thank you gift:

Can't wait to see you all there.