A new ongoing space to share our progress as the MLK crew meet and plan. A little context before we get into the notes, the team collaborates daily, moving ideas forward and advancing the Milktoast brand. We meet weekly to reflect and plan and will share our notes to keep you all in the loop moving forward.

Roles (please feel free to direct any specific questions to the following):

  • Ava~cardo, Dino~Del and Skateboard=Park: Art Director kids ( @Lukexdod can proxy any questions)
  • Lukexdod: Design
  • KryptoJ: Tech
  • coweatsrhubarb: Tech
  • sighman: Marketing
  • Omarion: Brand

As we enter this week, we have the latest release (3) on our minds. To date, thank you all for adding your feedback to the channels; we appreciate your honesty and are taking it into account as we progress. We acknowledge the high price of our latest release, but we still believe we can deliver the Milktoast brand's value and future. We want to prove to the world that 4 SOL is just the beginning and break into the lifestyle market. Moving forward, we will take our learnings and improve our strategy.

Here are the primary things we planned this week:

  • We are creating a custom space to house our first generation in its entirety, highlighting the MLK story, improving the buying UX (user experience) and showing our technical abilities in the process.
  • We have an additional giveaway in the works to grow our reach and following, experimenting with a few different parameters that we have not explored to date.
  • We are working on a visual way to communicate our vision, what we have been working on and where we want to go next.
  • We also have our first apparel collab in the works, being produced as a limited release.

Feel free to ask us any questions on our Discord server.