Hello Mlksters, we have a busy week ahead of us at Milktoast. Let's get into the weekly notes.  

Story mode

  • The new landing page (aimed to highlight Gen 1 and holder utility) is moving along well, the design is complete, and we are in the build phase. If you'd like a sneak peek, take a look here
  • We have a technical diagram showing how we see the back end connecting and how login via wallet will work (see attached image)
  • This week we ran our MLK holder workshops to great success, they were small and intimate, and we gained so many fantastic ideas that we can add into the mix as we move forward into 2022.


  • We have our Milktoast store ready to go live by the end of this week, with our unique MLK mugs available for purchase. 
  • We are meeting with our T-Shirt provider this week to form the story and strengthen the collaboration. 
  • Last week our first artist collaboration kicked off; if you are an artist and would like to collaborate with Milktoast, please feel free to DM me, and we can start to chat. 

Engagement and Reach 

  • Our Christmas campaign is in full swing, ready to launch next week. We have our charity selected, art ready, and putting the final touches on this week. 
  • Additionally, we have another community activity starting soon; also, we are very excited; more information to come.

If you have any feedback, questions or additions, please feel free to jump in.