Hello Mlksters, it’s time for a fresh set of meeting notes. This week we bunkered down and got our Trello board (workflow space) in order. We set goals for the month of December and planned work across the weeks. 

Here are our high-level December goals:

Story mode

  • Custom landing page, we are creating a custom landing page to enable MLK Holders to connect and access MLK utility. We are currently in the build and design phase, but will have some prototypes to share soon for feedback. 
  • Gen 1 MLK Auction, is currently in planning mode, we aim to experiment with some rapid auctions in Jan to gain momentum and additional reach, more eyes on MLK. 
  • Gen 2 ideation and exploration, there are a heap of fun things that we are currently exploring, for example, what happens if the toast stands up? We see an opportunity to expand our thinking before choosing a lane and collaborating with our MLK holders. We have a workshop running next week; if you are keen to come along, you can see more details in our posts on either #_☕️_breakfast_table or #?_announcements. We’d love to see you there.
    PS: All attendees gain access to a free MLK mug. 


  • We have the MLK mug (available in 3 designs) dropping this month.
  • The MLK T-shirt collab is in production and will drop early Jan.
  • We are in discussions with some incredible artists and have some collabs in flight.

Engagement and Reach

  • We are detailing the MLK vision into an article format to enable us to have a long-form source of truth, an in-depth piece that gives a little more context to our plans and where we want the brand to be. 
  • You may have seen on twitter (I posted some sneak peaks) that we are creating some Christmas MLK surprises, will keep it on the low, but we will drop later this month. If you are keen to help us spread the word, let us know. 
  • We’ve been working with artists who have submitted to our drawing competitions to create something unique; we will expand on this space as we iron out the kinks. 
  • Our haiku activity ended this week and was a massive success, big shoutout to everyone who participated. We felt all of the poems and loved the experience. We will have an additional activity run this month, more on this space to come.  

As always, if you have any questions or ideas to add, please feel free to come along to our Discord Server