Happy holidays Mlksters, it's that time of year where we like to wind down and spend time with our families. We'll be taking a short break over the holidays and will be back on deck in early January.

If you need anything we'll still be around, ping the discord and we will get back to you when we can. 

As we come to the end of the year, we have arrived at our last Milktoast meeting notes of 2021. Being the final notes of the year, let’s use the opportunity to reflect on Milktoast. 

But first, a few thank yous. 

MLK Fam, thank you for your support in all things MLK; we’ve loved your creative participation, the energy you all bring and the direct questions/feedback. Thank you for believing in us over the past six months, it's been a wild ride, and we genuinely feel like we are only just beginning.

I (luke) wanted to add a quick thank you to the MLK Crew; thank you for bringing the Milktoast vision to life. Without you all, Milktoast would not have made it this far. A special shoutout to @coweatsrhubarb; this project would not exist without him; he was the spark. Thank you also to our kids, they are the heartbeat of Milktoast and finding a way to merge creativity and play has been a massive milestone.

The look back, the first 6 months of Milktoast

Just over six months ago, the MLK Crew came together with a common interest in web3. Milktoast sparked and we created a proof of concept, selected the Solana Blockchain to be our home and delivered 222 Gen 1 MLK Collectables. In addition, we also released 24 Limited Edition MLK Collectables.

Here are a few noteworthy things we achieved in 2021:

  • We formed a solid multi-disciplinary team and have built a unique culture.
  • We made new friends and started the MLK Fam.
  • MLK styles were refined into the 222 Gen 1 collectables that we know and love today—selling 2 out of 3 MLK Gen 1 releases out in record timing.
  • The MLK Crew wanted to give back this year, so we conducted a Christmas charity campaign and an MLK Fam activity, raising 10.3 SOL for Berry Street.
  • The team showed MLK holder utility through a Halloween Special raffle and the Christmas gift airdrop
  • MLK expanded to the physical world, releasing the MLK Mug + collaborated with a local fashion label to create some limited apparel (to be released in Jan). 
  • We created and expanded the MLK world. An imaginative place aimed to spark creativity and build lore.
  • In collaboration with our kids, we developed three volumes of children's learning and activity books to help spark creativity between parents and their children. 
  • The team created a sales bot to help support the Solana NFT community and bring visibility to projects when their collectables are sold.
  • We collaborated with our MLK holders and ran a series of workshops on the future of Milktoast.

We can't wait to return well-rested, ready to bring our vision to life. Have a fantastic break everyone, remember to take some time away from the screen and have some fun. 

Merry Christmas.