Good morning everyone, another week of meeting notes. Last week was massive for the team; we finally could all get together in real life for the first time since we launched, believe it or not, to workshop our longer-term vision. It was great to hang out as a team, form deeper connections and align on where we are looking to go into the future.

Within this session, we broke it down into two parts, looking inward at ourselves discussing what we all want and outward as a brand, discussing where we want to be in the long-term.

Here are the primary points we discussed:

  • We discussed the MLK why, what it means to spread happiness and cheer, the short answer; It's cool to be kind, and our objective is to Spread positivity to the world through art and play.
  • There was a session about our audience, who we are focussing on with our brand and how we can begin to convert people who are new to NFTs and Crypto (more to come in this space).
  • Reach was a big topic that we discussed. We know we have solid followership and product; we need more people to see it and interact with us to help us succeed.
  • Finally, we spent time digging into the differences between Story mode and Sidequests, the basic summary as follows;
  • Story mode represents the mainline story, in our case, the Milktoast collectables as an NFT offering, the evolution and refinement as we progress through the MLK Generations.
  • Sidequests represent our interests, the ideas or opportunities that will add more value to the overall brand. In our case, branching Milktoast into apparel, collaborating with other projects and creating educational resources would be considered a sidequest.

As part of our weekly WIP meeting this week, we plotted our ideas onto a timeline and began to break down the task into incremental pieces that we can take action on over time.

We have three clear priorities:

  • Story mode: Selling out Gen 1 through our new landing page and rapid auctions.
  • Sidequests: We want to break out of the PFP space and turn MLK into a lifestyle brand with our first few collaborations in motion.
  • Engagement and reach: This will be a continuous initiative that we take action over time. To begin with, we are planning a few ongoing Twitter and Discord pieces aimed to increase visibility in the project and engagement.

Next steps, we are formalising the above and creating a long-form write up of the MLK vision to help us communicate what's in our minds with you all.

If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to jump in.